I enjoy zoo photography, and it gives me an opportunity to show animals in ways that you may not have thought of them before. From childhood we're trained to think of animals in terms of their silhouettes, but in reality they're rich sources both of behavior and of detail. My Animal Geometries series aims to highlight some of that detail, isolating parts of animals so they may be considered independently. Also featured here are some animal portraits, and my new series Photos from the Primate Resettlement Agency, in which I depict apes and monkeys with the styles of depression-era photography.

My series In Negative Space, formerly here, uses digital postprocessing to create an image which combines photography with the compositional aesthetic of pencil drawing. I was never thoroughly satisfied with that series as photographs, and have found that they work better as screen prints, so I'm in the process of changing media for that series. Look for updates soon. 

Ten percent of all sales of animal photos goes back to the zoos at which they were created.

Great Horned Owl Portrait
Buried Flamingo
Snowy Grizzly Bear Foot
Stalking Amur Leopard
Two Giraffes
Snowy Owl Portrait
River Otter Portrait
Leopard Whiskers
Leopard Paw
Hiding Lynx Kitten
Grey Wolf Portrait
Coyote Portrait
Climbing Mom
Bertie and the Baby
Baby Tapir Portrait
Baby Leopard
Bee Silhouettes
Giraffe Neck
Long Black Tongue
Three Little Pigs
Red Holstein Is Not Amused
Snowy Owl Back
Swimming River Otter
Sleeping Leopard Legs
Leopard Licks
Leopard Foot and Tail
Sloth Claws
Tiger Paw
My Valentine
Stalking Lynx Kitten
Grizzly Bear Claw
Vermicious Cnidarian
Walking Grizzly
Penguin Foot
Camel Neck
Visayan Warty Pig
Sleeping Colubus Monkey
Tapir Back
Amur Leopard
Caribou Sculpture Garden
Giraffe Back
Sad Giraffe
Swimming Grizzly
Tired Amur Leopard
Tapir Feet
Wood Duck Portrait
Minnehaha Heron
19th-Century Hawk
Tegu In Hand
Tapir Noses
Snow Monkeys Against the Wall
Running Tapirs
Porcupette Camouflage
Baby Tapir Ears
Giraffe Down
Grizzly Bear Foot
Black Bear Foot
Camel Feet