Landscapes are some of the simplest and most calming of traditional photography categories for me. They give me an opportunity to share my vision of the beauty of the natural world.

Sailboat and Sleeping Giant
Oyster Beds, Drake's Estero
Pt. Reyes Cows
Lake Champlain
Rochester Sunrise
Schaar's Bluff
Red Dawn at Red Cliff
Tree at Belle Fourche Reservoir
Sunset at Pactola Reservoir
Sunrise, Wall SD
Snowy Machine
Swamper Lake Moonscape
Superior Sunrise
Pond Reflections
River Birch 2
River Birch
Spring Birches
Tomales Point Nightscape
Pickerel Lake Tracks
St. Croix South View
St. Croix North View
Corn and Sumac
Limantour Beach Nightscape #5
Limantour Beach Nightscape #2
Frontenac Boardwalk
Sunset at Black Dog Lake
Hidden Falls Lower Fall
A Thousand Suns
Apostle Sunrise
Trees at Sylvan Lake
Black Hills National Forest Overlook
Iron Mountain Stars
McCarthy Lake Contrails
St. Croix Rocks
Foggy Trees
Snowy Evergreens
Dawn at Iron Mountain
Early Winter, Lake Nipissing
Painterly Field
Frontenac Field
American Falls
Canadian Falls
Tomales Bay