It took me a long time to start seeing portraits as art. I've been taking them since I took up photography, but conceptually they never really worked that way for me. Gradually, through the course of The Reader project, and through continuing education, I've come to better terms with my portrait photography and how it works in an artistic sense rather than just as images of people. I'd particularly like to thank Nathan Lewis, from whom I took two portraiture classes, for helping me develop my vision in this area.

I still need to look through older photos and add some to this section. I know there are some that are worthwhile.

Ice Cream Bars at Turku Castle
Two Photographers
Busker at Bonaventure
Busker at Guy-Concordia
Rods and Robot
The Canoe-Maker
Leif Eiricsson Slide
Portrait of Jo Walton's Hat on Her 50th Birthday
David Andree Performing at Northern Spark
Fishing Minnehaha