How To Buy Prints

I have three different kinds of prints available for sale:

Gallery Prints are commercial prints made automatically. They're made about five miles from my house, but I never see them. They're sold through a web store, printed, and shipped directly to you. This is the most economical option if all you want is a print, and it's also the only way to get one of my photos as a canvas gallery wrap or metal print. Unfortunately, this method can't currently handle panoramas or other odd-sized photographs.

To buy a gallery print, go to

Artist Prints are inkjet/giclee prints made by me in my studio. They're higher quality and made with more attention to individual detail, so the price is somewhat higher. Each print is signed and dated with the year that it was printed. These prints are also available matted, or matted and framed.

To buy an artist print, email me at Current prices start at $40 for an 8x10 matted print.

Single Editions are only produced once per photo, and for limited collections. (Currently panoramas, (Con)Text, and Jellyfish.) These are printed on unique materials as complete, ready-to-hang packages, and come with a certificate of authenticity. Intended for fine art gallery sales, these prints are made at a large scale and the prices are high. If a print is available the details will be listed on the photo's page.

To buy a single edition print, email me at

How To Buy Books

I currently have three photo-books available for purchase.

The Reader: War for the Oaks is only available for purchase from me directly. Its price is $39.95 plus $5 domestic shipping.

Amirah: The Life of a Baby Tapir features 300 photographs I took following Amirah, a baby Malayan Tapir, through the first year of her life. Watch Amirah grow, explore her environment, interact with her mother, and lose her baby coloration over the course of a year. This book is available from me in person, or from Amazon.

Ketawa: The Life of a Baby Tapir is the sequel to Amirah featuring her younger brother. Again this is 300 of my best photos of a baby Malayan Tapir is he grows up. Available from me or from Amazon.

If you'd like to know more about any of this, feel free to email me at

How To Buy Greeting Cards

Most photographs which are approximately normal-sized are available as blank-inside 5"x7" greeting cards for $4 apiece plus tax and shipping. Long panoramas and squares don't really work, and for some reason "35W Vault" doesn't print on the greeting card stock. 

To make a card order, email me quantities and titles of the photos you want to Up to 25 cards fit nicely in a USPS Priority Mail small flat-rate box, which ships domestically for $7.15.

Artist prints in stock

Any photo below is in-stock and ready to ship, in a large black metal frame with non-glare acrylic glazing and a black archival mat, for $600.





Unless otherwise specified all prices include tax and US shipping.

If you want one (or more!) email me at